Six Straight Decades.

David Bowie’s most boring moments are cooler than my most exciting.

Ok, I have no evidence that is true, but it is fun to imagine. As far back as I can remember, I have been a fan of Bowie. His musical vision is without equal and while he has found himself a part of the mainstream from time to time, I think that has more to do with the mainstream sliding towards him than Bowie trying to fit any trend.

With the release of his upcoming record, The Next Day, Bowie will have released at least one record in six straight decades. A seriously awesome accomplishment and one that speaks to his influence.

While it is very hard for me to pick a top ten or even a top twenty, there are songs that stand out and have the most relevance to me.

Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed– From Space Oddity. Threads of a signature sound are forming…

The Man Who Sold the World-Perhaps my favorite Bowie song, definitely tied with Heroes.

Where Have all the Good Times Gone– Fantastic cover of this Kinks classic.

Moonage Daydream-Classic Ziggy era song. The song writing is so fantastic here. Subtle acoustic guitars and a wonderful piano melody.

Life on Mars-Strings, strings, strings, and the heart melting piano.

Seven-From Hours. This song’s lyrics deserve some notice.

Heroes-Ok, this really is my favorite. Lyrics and music combining to send chills up and down my back. The radio edit fails on so many levels. This full length version let’s the emotion build to a proper climax.

Sunday-The older, mature Bowie Voice. Still powerful, still dangerous.

Where are We Now-The newest release. I am very excited to listen to this record. Bowie still has chops, still has something relevant to say. Few artists of his longevity can say this.



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