Tell Your Secrets

I love Twitter. Some despise it. One person told me it was where 20 somethings liked to pat themselves on the back and butcher the English language.  I overheard someone call those of us that use and enjoy Twitter as among the most idiotic people on the planet.


Twitter is a social networking site where you “follow’ other Twitter members, seeing what they ‘tweet’ and responding or tweeting whatever you wish- in 144 characters or less. Part of the pull (and I have to put myself in this category) is many celebrities use Twitter. Some see it as a chance to connect and communicate directly with people they admire.

My experiences on Twitter have been good, bad, and very gray. I have been mocked, admired, questioned by people I have never met. I have been followed by porn bots, churches, marketing accounts, musicians, actors and good friends. My Twitter following history started with celebrities and sports figures. I  removed most celebrities, added musicians then deleted most sports figures and added friends along the way. I have used Twitter to share my thoughts on Library board meetings, movies I have seen, books I have read, places I have been, dreams, new music, random useless thoughts, this blog. I do not censor myself on Twitter nearly as often as I do on Facebook (or in my other interactions).

I have learned that we all tell the same joke, have the same questions, react very similarly, in certain situations. Many of us are petty, screaming for attention and being angry when we don’t receive what we think is deserved.

I have also watched writer, Neil Gaiman ask questions, hoping for inspiration and collaboration on stories he was writing, then seeing honest, poignant, clever, sometimes tragic, responses come in by the thousands.

Most important-I am learning the art of brevity. All the extra words I use, they don’t deserve space. Get to what matters, what you really want to say. I am starting to admire this trait in others.

I would like to say that knowledge has changed my writing, but here I sit, word 300+ and still going. Then again, I will edit this post, strip it down.  Who knows, by the time I publish this, it may be three sentences long.

Yeah, right.


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