A Deeper, Sinister Motive


I’m feeling a bit silly this afternoon. Perhaps it is the extra coffee or the fine music I have listened to this afternoon that is bringing out this mood. Regardless, I feel good, feel happy, slightly mischievous.

Some of you may not know, but Sheryl and I are raising our boys with a religious background. We attend and LDS ward near our home. We have lived here for close to 12 years. I know most of the people who attend church with us, and consider many of them friends.

Why is it that none of these people have asked to be my Facebook friend? Oh, the agony!

Several of the church goers have added Sheryl to their friends list and initially, I assumed it was because Sheryl made her profile picture an image of both of us. She changed that recently. Still-bupkis, nada, zip, zilch, nothing. It has me wondering what keeps them away.

My experience is-these people like me (well enough). They like my family (they adore my wife  most), and they treat us pretty well. I don’t keep it a secret that I am not a believer  but I am civil, gracious, non confrontational. I am an all around kind fella.

My kind nature was confirmed this past weekend whilst sharing a swell evening with some friends at a local watering hole. It was time to leave and I waded through people towards the matron to settle my debt. Without realizing it, I had pushed past people who were waiting to order a beverage or two. upon realizing my misdeed, I begged forgiveness of those I had wronged. One gentlemen said, “never once has anyone apologized for doing that to me. You must be the nicest person alive.” What a world!

Perhaps the knowledge of my situation puts them off, makes them a bit uncomfortable. If so, then I am putting out the wrong vibes and need to evaluate my situation. That said, I doubt that scenario as none of them have ever been on my Facebook page to see what I do or say.

I have to admit, every time Sheryl gets a request from another ward member, I giggle, knowing no such request lingers in my inbox.

I could, of course, remedy the situation and answer all questions by being more proactive and requesting digital friendship myself. But that would require too much effort and I am having far too much fun playing the scoundrel.

Also, this website is fun. Make a mixtape and share it with me




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