Seriously Ridiculous

Spent some time reading posts on a Facebook group page today (a sentence that would have made no sense to me five years ago). The group is a collection of fans who share an affinity for a certain rock band. This particular band is notorious for having some of the most devoted and obnoxiously pretentious fans out there.

For years I have been associating and interacting with these people and while they can be a bit overzealous, my connection with them has numbed me to most of their inane babble. Today as I perused a few recent posts, I finally reached the breaking point.

It seems that one of the band members was recently involved in a traffic accident and suffered what was reported as some substantial injuries.

One fan and member of this Facebook group had the audacity to ask which member was injured and if that injury was going to set back the recording of new material. A recent newsletter from the band had stated the injuries would not hinder the new record and some members of this group determined it was their job to berate the person who was obviously uniformed. It wasn’t enough to just point out that the newsletter answered the question, this person needed to be humiliated and mocked for not knowing to check for a newsletter. The insinuation-How dare you call yourself a fan of this rock band if you don’t eat, sleep and breathe them?

Cruelty over devotion or lack of devotion to a rock band is idiotic. I don’t understand cruelty in general, but this situation seemed particularly pointless.

I spent fifteen minutes or so, fuming to myself, contemplating responses that would express my annoyance. Instead, I made a better choice and just left the group. No one wants to read my whiny rants followed by me taking my ball and going home. A surprisingly satisfying result, actually. Just leaving was statement enough for me (and of course, writing it here. Oh, the irony).

All of us have things we take very seriously, sometimes to irrational levels. Too often I come across people willing to mock the beliefs of others, yet think what they hold dear is beyond reproach.  I am in no way stating that those things shouldn’t matter, only saying there is ridiculousness in everything and being unwilling to recognize that, being offended when others make fun, only harms one person-much like holding a grudge.





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