Made Up Perks of Aging

1. My back may have stopped working, but at least I can’t get out of bed (another plus, I am not “allowed” to shovel any snow as I might hurt myself worse).

2. Laziness is a virtue, finally.

3. No need to buy a hairbrush. Haven’t needed a barber in a decade.

4. Stopped caring if my shoes are hip.

5. Hipsters are bothered by me (this one  might not be made up).

6. Getting to put ‘gray’ in the hair color box on my passport application. Cant wait to do the same on my next driver license.

7. All my clothes and shoes from the 90’s still fit and some are miraculously back in fashion.

8. 20 years ago doesn’t seem that long ago, especially when I think about being married that long.

9. Getting to look at teenagers, shake my head and say things like “you look so ridiculous, dressed like that,” without the slightest sense of irony.

10. Forgetting I am 40+ and being frustrated and angry when my body refuses to do things it willingly and easily did at 20. Yep, I really could dunk a basketball once and now, sliding some printer paper under my feet when I “jump” seems impressive.

11. Simple things are more interesting. I can’t express how much I prefer simple, basic potato chips, cereal, coffee, clothes.

12. Would rather spend my money on vacations, clothes and music than expensive cars or a new, bigger, house.

13 Not caring at all what anyone thinks about how I look, what I drive or where I live, who my friends are. This one is the best of the best.

Headphones14. Gray, old, bearded and bald, awesome!




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