Up and Away

Since Salt Lake City currently is home to the most polluted air in the USA, Sheryl and I took advantage of a fantastic opportunity and spent the last three days away from it up near Park City at The Canyons. Neither of us are skiers, snowmobile riders, snow shoeing types, but we do enjoy large beds, room service and spending time together. With a view of a chair lift and several ski runs, it was a lovely experience. Watching others do with relative ease, something that I have no skill for (skiing), fascinates me.

The best part, being above the inversion. After several weeks of toxic air, smog and cold, the appearance of bright blue sun filled skies (and temperatures near 40) was welcoming. Frustrating to think that the weather has been fairly decent everywhere in Utah with the exception of the Wasatch Front.

Last night, we went out for dinner. I am often surprised by the things I order; things to make my  child self shake his head. At Squatters, we ordered edamame and I ordered meatloaf. Such fantastic meatloaf…maybe it was the bacon on top.

Seems we missed the freezing rain, though when we came home this morning, the driveway and sidewalk were still covered in ice. When I was in New England, I experienced several of these type of storms. One favorite memory is driving back to Claremont, NH from Newport, NH. The drops would hit, creating little frozen explosions on the windscreen.  Rather than try to drive through the storm, I pulled over and watched other cars fail to climb the hill just outside of Newport, sliding off the road to the right. A relatively warm night, the storm surprised most of us.

The storm lasted less than twenty minutes but left a sheen of ice half an inch thick on the road. Half an hour after that, a plow truck drove past, covering the street with sand. The ride home was a bit hilarious, with what had to be half the town of Claremont trying to get back, traffic stretching for miles as we all drove slowly, more slowly, stopping and going. With things so out of my control, I decided to not let the delays bother me, rolling down the window and smiling to myself. Quite a pleasant memory actually.

Yesterday in Salt Lake, I don’t think it was fun for most people at all.

Another plus for me-Scraping the melting ice off the sidewalk this morning gave me a chance to talk to my neighbor.  While we get along great with her and her husband, she and I have never really talked. The storm reminded her of similar events in Norway, and she was more than happy to tell me about them. We talked kids and school and common friends (who knew we had any?). A fantastic twenty minutes.





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