Ignore me.

“Promise them free booze and they will come running.”  -George Washington

I enjoy sharing my opinions and thoughts on this blog. I also enjoy listening to others share what they are thinking, what bothers them or what they feel strongly about.

Right now I am thinking.

I am thinking it is not my concern how other people choose to use social networking sites. I have a varied group of contacts that share vastly different things. We often have contrary opinions on the news of the day, the large debates that engage many of us. If someone wants to use their Facebook page, twitter page, to rant and roll, so be it.

I also have that same ability. I am trying to do better in sharing controversial things (which I still enjoy doing) without adding commentary that discourages honest conversation.

A few things I have notices lately (things I want to complain about)-Too much vaguebooking. I am not going to take the bait when you toss out some cryptic sentence about some trauma or event and refuse to give relevant information. Please, if you do this, for the love of anything and everyone, STOP!

Second, an overload of images of some random American founding father along with a quote (that may or may not be accurate or in context), justifying a personal belief or stance on an issue (Blah blah blah! Whine!). I honestly find that sort of thing ridiculous. These men were not omnipotent, and did not have insight into every possible scenario the United States would ever encounter. Sure, they were some wise dudes, but honestly, if your entire argument hinges on what Thomas Jefferson may or may not have said, it is time to go back to the drawing board, do some real research and form an opinion based on fact and relevant information.

For fun (and because it will certainly bother someone) I have been posting made up quotes and attributing them to various historical Americans. It makes me laugh. It makes a (ridiculous, I know) point. It makes me happy.

I think the founding fathers would approve…and if not, I can make up a quote saying  they do.

“Constance, bring me my pants!”- Peyton Randolph 1773

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There are some who call me, Tim?

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