Something less serious this afternoon.

Perhaps it is the approach of yet one more arctic storm, but I feel nostalgic and thoughtful.

Spent most of the afternoon listening to The Replacements, which was pleasurable. The lyrics always hit home with me. The clever songwriting is nice as well.  I really need to complete my collection of Replacement records.

Found myself craving something a bit slower paced and that is where I find myself now-slow and warm.

The Origin were an outstanding band. Just two records but a fantastic two. Another band introduced to me by Joel during 1990. I wore out two tapes of  this music and whenever my mood was slightly down, this music helped. Sheryl and I saw them in concert in 1992. It was our first show together, which might be part of why I still love this band.

Four songs to listen and love.

November Days-My favorite song. Lots of bad 90’s poetry written because of the moods this song inspires in me.

Growing Old-Plinkity piano makes me happy.

Set Sails Free-A song about dark times, filled with hope.

Jumping to Fall-First track from the second record. A little more complex sound, which makes me wonder what could have come next. Oh well. Love what you have.

And because I can never stop posting songs…one more 


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4 responses to “Intermission”

  1. JR says :

    I will always think of the Horticulture building at the fairgrounds when I think of the Origin. Good show.

    Digging on this lately, when I’m not listening to Macklemore & Lewis. Lana Del Rey or Die Antwoord. Kinda retro-90s.

  2. fenster020 says :

    Perhaps. I am always more forgiving of bands with female singers. Can’t make sense of that. As for I Fink U Freeky, this version from Letterman is my personal favorite.

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