Hold it Up High

I went back.

Reading last years New Year post I came to the sad conclusion I failed miserably to set more reasonable, attainable goals. I did accomplish some great things last year and experienced some fantastic moments. I am just a bit disappointed in my inability to commit myself to writing,  improving.

This year, I am pretending things will be different. I am telling myself  little falsehoods, misleading myself into thinking I will make all this work.

I plan to think more, write more, whine less.

I will shout it from the rooftops, hold it up high for all to see.  SO *$#!%+~ DETERMINED!

We shall see.

But that is not what this post should be about. Different things for different years, regardless of the obvious fact it is a new year and I am supposed to be reflective.

The end of the 2012 was difficult for me. The annual Arizona trip was ruined by the onset of an illness that I am just now free of.  I spent most of the trip in bed, shivering, sweating, shivering, burning with fever. If not for some heavy medications, I would have missed the game as well.

IMG_1614The really sad part-We were in the front row. You can see the fever in my droopy eyes.  The game was exciting, with the Cardinals finally ending a horrendous losing streak. I have to admit, while my heart will always be with the Giants, being in Cardinals stadium, watching the visiting fans leave in defeat and disgust makes me quite giddy.

IMG_1612The roof was open, which is pretty rare.  The entire atmosphere of the game and stadium changes when the roof is open. Things are less sterile, less controlled. The only downside was my illness made me shiver much of the second half.

After arriving home, I spent the next five days in bed, only getting up to watch TV or make myself eat. Nothing I did helped me feel right, better, or even improved. Meh. Whine.

IMG_1654Things did end well. The annual Brooke Young NYE party was a smashing success. I convinced Sheryl to stay up late and go attend with me. It was a great time and I love, love spending time with my second family.


Plus, look how groovy that hat is.


Man, I can rock a tie!


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