Randomness of Lists (Redux)

Wednesday December 5th twothousandandtwelve

1. We only have a few weeks left before the Mayans return as zombies and eat our brains.

2. Drink plenty of water. Hydration is the key.

3. I prefer bats to swords.

4. A shotgun would be a nice Christmas surprise.

5. I am nearing the completion of two studio album collections (The Who and David Bowie). Funny how that matters to me somehow.

6. The picture on my desk is from 2001 or 2.

ryanI find it fascinating.

It’s a glimpse into a past when my brother had a clever beard and both Sheryl and Emily had short hair.

It is also a reminder of a time I had some hair, which is overrated, but still interesting.



7. Steel cut oats are tasty with brown sugar and half and half.

8. I think I have found a vitamin and supplement combination that allows me to function normally. If I die from some strange reaction to the pills, I’m sorry.

9. I am rarely filled with regret, but the things that get to me really get to me.

10. Robert Smith of The Cure used to be skinny.

11. Heavy sounding bands with female singers make me happy.

12. The annual Arizona trip is a week away. I wish you were coming.

13. It is now over three years since I have had a coke (braggart!), and I really haven’t missed it. The only time it becomes an issue is when I find myself at Lagoon or the zoo. Strange places to crave sugar.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA14. My wife is awesome!

15. I am considering hair dye, mostly because my kids say I look like a gray old man, which shouldn’t bother me but really does.

16. I am also considering lasik as wearing glasses, while not all that irritating, sometimes causes me stress

17. That blue shirt is one of my favorites.

18. So is that BBQ place. Kaiser’s is the name. They have killer ribs.

19. I have started writing the same book three times.  Each time I am sure I have it figured out.

20. I could use another coffee.

21. I have discovered a fantastic creamy chicken soup recipe. Alterations have included adding celery, sweet corn (which ruined it) and recently, turkey.  I am going to make it this Sunday for some of my family.

22. I have never been to Ohio. Should I remedy this situation?

23. I miss the library less than I thought I would.

24. I really, desperately want to live in NYC.

25. It still surprises me that Star Trek-The Next Generation was picked up for a second season.

26. I own an iPhone, iPod, iPad but refuse to purchase a MacBook. It makes little sense.

27. Pettiness is unattractive, especially if it makes you write a manifesto.

28. I want to bake cookies today, but won’t

29. If you feel like it, bring me dark chocolate from Amano Artisan Chocolate . It would make me extremely happy.

30. If nothing else, enjoy this song.


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