My Favorite Hypocrisy

I really am not fond of Capitalism. It’s no secret; nothing new or monumental from me. I really do think that consumerism is dangerous, leading to being controlled by things, stuff that was supposed to make things easier.

Black Friday shoppers, standing in long lines, finalizing their attack plans-who gets what and what to do if there is no more of what to get. Deals deals deals.

At Walmart on Thursday night (I will get to the question of “what the…? ” in a moment), Sheryl and I witnessed the beginning of the 8 o’clock sale when hordes of people dove (literally, over the top of each other) into bins of reduced price DVD’s, grabbing armfuls of product, regardless of title or quantity (the sorting comes later), inflicting slight injuries on themselves and others.

While pushing a (foolishly picked up) shopping cart through throngs of shoppers, all trying to get to the same places in opposite directions, I had my left leg bashed repeatedly by a woman behind me (also pushing a cart). After making my presence known three times, I finally pushed back (after my leg was lifted off the ground and I feared being pushed over my cart and injured), causing the handle of the woman’s cart to collide with her stomach. An audible ‘oof’ signaled the end of her shoving.

A line of cars right out of  the last scene from Field of Dreams, greeted our arrival at the Tanger Outlets near Park City. Thousands of people walking the outdoor shops in the dark and cold of November, many under the age of 20, bags and bags of discounted merchandise.

And here is the silly part.

I  loved every second of it.

I understand the hypocrisy of it, even as I grab a fantastic leather coat for 70% off. I don’t need it, but I want it, will wear it every day. I pass up the Nike outlet for fear of the line, avoid J Crew for the same reason. Somehow, I walk out of Van Heusen, without a purchase (which is amazing, considering dress shirts and ties were also 70% off. Their slacks haven’t changed in three years and I own a pair of each style already), choosing instead to spend my money on a half price pair of Lucky Brand jeans and a dark black hoodie from Old Navy.

We went to Walmart to see, if by chance we could get our hands on two bikes for the boys. At 99$ each, what a steal…They were all gone, but that is fine. We don’t make or break our holiday by door buster deals.

Which brings me to the point (sort of)-I am a complete hypocrite. I love things…things and things and things. The DVD’s we came across (discarded at various places in the store) will be enjoyed over and over. The jacket is already getting its use and whatever else we decide to buy in the next few weeks will be appreciated. I have good and grateful kids.

I am not even going to try and justify my behavior or pretend it is anything but what is is-greed and wanting. I flat out love the Christmas season, every aspect of it.  I love the music, lights, bustle and over commercialization. I also love the quiet moments with family or friends. The moments to express what I feel, what I am thinking. Its a wonderful, perfect time of year.

Hypocrisy fully embraced!


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