Going, Going, Not Yet Gone

Heading to NYC this Thursday.

Six years since the last time I was there. I have missed it a great deal. We went in October and the weather was near perfect. Cold on some days, warm and inviting on others. All the touristy things excited me. I have photos standing out front of Madison Square Garden, Several cathedrals, and too many from Ellis Island.

Ellis Island had a large impact on me.  Like many, members of my family entered the United States through this place. I imagined how the buildings would have appeared to the immigrants, the excitement and fear, so much unknown.

It humbled me. Standing in the same places, spaces, as family I never really knew. Their entire lives uprooted for the possibility of  a new one.

I am astounded at their faith, willingness to trust what they are doing is best and will result in more happiness.

I  am not sure I could do the same.


The museum of modern art intrigued me. It wasnt so much that the art moved me or inspired me to think about things differently.

Nothing poignant stands out.

Instead, an overall sensation, another connection to the past, to moments I could only experience vicariously, lingered.

This picture always makes me giggle…I call it, Ryan as art.



Something I am very excited about is riding the subway again. I was actually quite afraid of the prospect at first, but after my one (and only, I promise) experience of riding from JFK in the back of a hired car, I decided the subway was infinitely safer.

Once I figured out how to read the maps, how to get around from station to station, I loved the subway  It is certainly best for people watching.

This photo is of a fantastic TOOL etching I came across on an E train.


Writing this has added to my excitement. Three days! Three more days!



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