Blood tests are in and I am disgustingly normal.

With the exception of low HDL cholesterol and a Vitamin D deficiency, everything looks fine. While this should fill me with intense waves of relief, I am instead completely baffled. I had resigned myself to a low testosterone diagnosis and was looking at how that was going to change my life. Instead, I get to start over again, wondering what the hell is going wrong in my body. It is not a good sensation to wonder like this.

I am going to New York next Thursday and have decided to not give it another moment of worry until after I get back. I will grab some Vitamin D  from the store, maybe another supplement  and see where I am later.

I am glad to see that my overall cholesterol is good. It had been high a few years back. Funny how eliminating processed foods from your diet can eliminate so much salt and fat.

Anyway, I am interested in any crack brained, half assed theories as to why I might feel so off. Feel free to share them, though I may just ignore them for a while.


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