Because I Wanted My Life Back

For a week or so I thought I had mono again. Because I nearly killed myself the last time, by riding in 104 degree heat, I chose to stop exercise until I was certain. I am not certain, but I am tired of sitting around, getting fatter, feeling lousy and watching my will disintegrate.

I made myself walk today. My usual route is spectacular right now; crunchy leaves on the ground, brilliant fall skies, brisk temperatures. It felt so good to be out, breathing, walking.

Less than a week ago, snow blanketed this hill, these trees. I felt it was too early for winter.

The most encouraging moment came when I realized I was not feeling tired, feeling as dazed. Plus, I was thinking about something other than the fact I was out walking. The last few months, every physical exertion has been by force of will.

To walk and just be, I wont soon forget how that felt.



Saw some interesting things as well.




It is not uncommon for deer to be killed crossing Foothill Blvd.

Still, I am always fascinated and horrified, startled when I come across a carcass on the road side.  Usually I look away. Today I didn’t.





 On the corner of 21st south and Broadmoor Street is a home inhabited by a group of 20 somethings.  They often have friends over and the parties spill out into the street. There is always an ample supply of beer cans, cigarette butts, broken glass, condom wrappers.




Today, this partially broken bottle caught my eye. Lying there among the leaves and cracked cement, causally cast aside, I had to stop, give it one last bit of attention.





Discarded vices.

This should be the subject of a Bruce Springsteen song.

I left all these things as I found them.



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