Not Going to Mention the Snow

Been a rough and rugged day for music news.

You would think with all the fancy Internet sites I use, I would be more up to date on what is going down with bands I like.

First, I discover that the vocalist (Grace Perry) for a hardcore band I really dig, Landmine Marathon, has left the band. The new (also female) vocalist seems really good, but it is never the same once the singer leaves. Some bands go on to make really good music, but it really never feels like the same band.

Second, I read today that back in March, Made out of Babies broke up. Julie Christmas has such a unique voice.  I love when she screams screams screams…I certainly hope she finds a new project or makes another solo record. A new band has risen from the ashes, Bad Powers (also female fronted), that shows promise.

Some good news-An Isis compilation comes out on the 6th of November. Demos, outtakes, remixes and some   the songs from the split with Melvins, previously only released on vinyl.


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