Turn Your Head and…

Yep! Spent the after-morning with the  doctor, getting pinched and poked, checked and checked again. Nothing interesting in not liking getting a physical, though I did enjoy the new, larger gown I was able to wear. Little things.

My motivation for seeing the doctor was different this time. Usually, I go in feeling everything is fine and expect to hear such. Today, I wanted to hear some reasons for why I feel so funky.

All summer I have experienced a continual deterioration in my stamina when it comes to exercise. My performance on the bike has been less than stellar. Every time I go out, it is a chore and my results have been worse as the months have passed.

A few weeks back, I was out climbed by my brother. Not just by a few or fifty yards, but by a distance that was hard to estimate. This has never happened in the three years we have ridden together. Worse than being out climbed, I didn’t care. That is not like me at all.

For the past few weeks, my life has felt like it was being lived on a very potent antihistamine, funny at first, less so now. There are moments when I have to pinch myself, feel the pain, to remind that while it might be extremely funny to run naked through the supermarket, I am indeed really at the supermarket, not dreaming a very vivid dream.

When it is not an emergency, getting in to see a doctor takes time. Today was my time. Of course I learned nothing, really. I get to go in tomorrow morning for blood tests, which take another week to evaluate. I hope to have some answers, or at least a direction after that.

I have theories, some better than others. My money is on one in particular, but we shall see.

Self diagnosis is always a scary idea. Patience, Ryan.

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There are some who call me, Tim?

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