Until I Snort

I loved Ghostbusters. What a fantastically funny film. I must have watched it 50 or 60 times on a rapidly decaying VHS tape. Finally this past week, I bought a copy on DVD for a whopping five bucks at the local Shopko.

With giddy excitement, I put it in the player and sat down to relive my teens and I was not disappointed. The capture of the first ghost at the hotel is still wicked funny. Mr Stay Puft rules as does the battle between Gozer and the Ghostbusters.

I am older (obviously) and some of the plot holes bother me a bit. I find the tension between Peter and the EPA bureaucrat a bit forced.  It don’t understand why Dana finds Peter less creepy and stalkerish because his business is more successful. In fact, their whole relationship never really develops and I don’t really get why they end up together. I was not bothered in the least by the bad effects (made more so with the clarity of DVD. Can’t imagine how bad they would be on blu ray). They actually made the show more humorous.

My favorite scene has always been just after the demon gargoyle crashes through Louis’s door. As he sprints to the elevator, an old woman comes out to check what all the fuss is about. Her one syllable reaction makes me laugh every time. Watch and giggle


Short and sweet today. I would like to know what your favorite 80’s movies are and what particular scenes or lines make your day. I am pondering a post about 80’s films that fail the test of time. Ideas?


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