Opening Acts

The best and worst part of any concert is the opening band. Some of the worst combinations I have seen include-Melvins and Primus (fans tried to boo Melvins off the stage. The guitarist just laughed), Stabbing Westward and Front 242 (despite claims that SW are an industrial band, they are not) and Tomahawk opening for Tool (Tool fans, while often accepting of whoever Tool chooses to open, did not quite get this band).

Recently, I attended a Mumford and Sons show. The ticket didn’t mention any opening band so when one started (Slow Club), I was a little put off. Then they were really good.

This all got me thinking about the bands I saw as opening acts that I ended up really liking.

Cranes-Opened for the Cure in 1992. Most people I talk to really dislike this band and hate Alison Shaw’s voice. I love her high singing (the same reason I love Made out of Babies). This track is called Starblood.

Flesh for Lulu-Opened for Public Image Ltd. in 1989. I had heard some Flesh before the show, but they blew me away with their powerful performance. They looked like Punks but played this melodic, almost pop-ish music. Check out Plastic Fantastic.

Bleu-Opened for Toad the Wet Sprocket in 2003. I have to admit, I only like a few songs, but I thought he put on a fantastic show. I was hooked enough to buy the record at the show and get it signed. One of the songs I enjoy, I Wont go Hollywood. Love the killer mutton chops!

Huffamoose-Another band that opened for Toad the Wet Sprocket. I only bought one record from this band, but I like most of it. They played a great live show and had a good sense of humor about the silliness from the crowd. Kind of an old school rock band.  Listen to Wait.

William Elliot Whitmore-Opened for Trampled by Turtles in 2012. I was familiar with neither of these artists before the show and the both are fantastic. Here is a TBT song called Alone.  William Elliot Whitmore may have the best voice I have heard in a very long time.  Hell or High Water is a great track.

I almost included ISIS on this list as the first time I saw them live was opening for Tool. I loved them long before seeing them live, which disqualifies them, but because I love to share them every chance I get, Listen to Altered Course.


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