Because I am Inclined

Tuesday, I spent a fantastic afternoon  listening to New Order. I played three or four albums, letting the music and lyrics take me back.  I love music that does that. Sometimes, specific songs take me to specific places, which can be good or bad. New Order takes me no place in particular, rather it takes me to a mood, a place where old feelings creep up and, if I let them, engulf me.

Other bands do that as well.

The way I listen to music has changed over the years. Where I used to listen with friends or during certain events. When I listen now, it’s mostly while driving, cleaning or writing. Luckily, no music has associated itself with that great floor board scrub of July or the trip to Ikea for shelf pins.

It is different when I listen to The Shins. They don’t remind me of when I was cleaning or driving, but they do remind me.

I was completely unaware they existed until (like many of you) I heard them while watching Garden State. My unnaturally creepy obsession with Natalie Portman has finally paid off!  Listening to the Shins is best done on headphones. There are oodles of subtle sounds that are easily missed, otherwise. Their music is airy, smart but not overbearing or pretentious. I am a sucker for the lyrics, even if they really don’t make a great deal of sense.  When I listen, the music takes me…someplace. I can’t really describe where, but it is familiar, like a great conversation with an old friend.   It’s comfortable.

I recommend the entire catalog, but of course I have my favorites.

Caring is Creepy Of course.

Young Pilgrims From Chutes too Narrow

Red Rabbits My favorite.

A Comet Appears Hauntingly clever, this one.

Simple Song Struggle through the add. This video is awesome!

And that is it. Enjoy the awesomeness.



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