My new favorite dish is Sukiyaki.

I love the salty broth, especially when it soaks into the tofu and makes a tasty treat.  My favorite comes from a restaurant called Kyoto in Salt Lake City. I prefer beef to chicken and the thinly sliced, slightly fatty beef used at Kyoto is perfect. I highly recommend it. Tender enough to easily chew, but fatty enough to compliment the broth, making a delicious blend that I find impossible to resist. I often pretend I am going to order something else when I go. I never do.

I hear the Sushi is good.


What I really want to try is Ramen-REAL Ramen, not the dried out 25 ¢  variety found in every grocery store shelf in America.  Sadly, I don’t know where to go to try some. Kyoto doesn’t offer it and I have yet to come across it in any of the other Japanese places I have eaten. Perhaps it is too common, too much a every day food to be served by places that often consider themselves fine dining.  If anyone knows of a good place to get good Ramen, please let me know. I am getting desperate!


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