Besides, There are Better Sandwiches

I am formulating an opinion based on current situations, filtered through previous experiences.  At some point in the past, I felt I had a better handle on this topic, but looking back, I think at the time, I felt justified in almost every thing I ever thought, regardless of fact (though that is always subjective)  or evidence.  I don’t blame myself for feeling that way or thinking like that. I see it in almost everyone around that age. If some cause, some idea starts to matter, it is something you throw all your passion into, all your emotion, regardless of reason.

Reason-Somehow it has become the enemy of emotion. I am not sure that is a good thing. Analytic thinking and emotional responses blend perfectly together. They can exist in a perfect balance, with one taking a primary position when the other seems faulty.

But, this post is not about that.

Back in the 90’s, Ellen Degeneres had a moderately successful sit com called of all things, Ellen. It may be hard to remember, but there was a time when her sexuality was only suspect. It was during the course of this show that she came out and openly said she was gay. Shocker! Some companies pulled their commercials.  One of those was Wendy’s. Dave Thomas did many good things for adoptive families and there is a foundation that continues to give money and support to families that adopt children. That being said, he did not have a soft spot in his heart for LBGT people. As would be expected, members of the Lesbian and Gay community were a bit upset and some small protests and other things took place. A good friend of mine (being lesbian herself) decided she would no longer be eating at Wendy’s and I joined her in this effort. It seemed like something we could do to at least voice our dissent. I also strongly supported any on site protests or letter writing. Any political action would have been welcomed with a raised fist and happy heart.

Now we have another similar controversy with Chick Fil A. Run by devout Christians, the higher ups have been donating to  political groups, some of them Christian backed, that support traditional marriage. Roughly 2 million dollars has been donated. Again, protests have popped up. As the political climate is much different, some government officials have made comments about this type of “hate” not being tolerated in their communities. Funny how things move and shift. Right and wrong ebb and flow.

My conundrum is this-I personally think any two adults (or three or four for that matter) who want to get married, should be able to do so.  I think efforts to legislate who can marry who (again, people who WANT to marry) are poor uses of money and energy. These organizations could better use funds (on both sides) to feed hungry people, educate, help addicts, fund my book.  That being said, Chick Fil A is well within its rights to have opinions to the contrary.  Do I think others have the right to picket and protest out front of  restaurants demanding Chick Fil A change? I am not sure.

I personally will not be eating there. The reasons are two fold. First, I don’t agree or support their political position (or religion). The second, the food sucks.  Governments cannot legislate thought, only action.  Organized efforts to protest and shame businesses into altering their opinions are equally foolish. They are also dangerous roads to travel. No opinion is safe in such a climate.

Fifteen years ago, I would have said differently.





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