Charm Not Withstanding

Despite its beautiful sunrises and cooler temperatures, early mornings really suck.

That’s not fair. Mornings are often spectacular and regardless of how I feel when I first wake, by the time I am dressed and out the door I usually feel pretty damn good. I have come to the sobering conclusion that in spite of my proclivity for late nights, I really do well in the early morning.

This has required me to redefine what makes someone a morning person. There are those who live for the morning. They go to bed relatively early, rise even earlier, exercise, dress, perhaps go to breakfast and all before I have even thought to get out of bed. Then there are those like me who really love staying up late, have hours of energy remaining when everyone else has puttered and pooped out, have to force themselves to call it a day. While I surely fit in the later category and I have never, ever loved getting up before or with the sun, I have to admit, I am equally pleasant, equally awake in the morning or the night. Perhaps that is what makes a morning person.

Still, there is something devilishly evil about waking up before 6 in the morning.

It has been very hot this summer with many days surpassing triple digits Fahrenheit. This makes riding a bike or walking difficult. When it is still 97 degrees at 9:00 in the evening, getting outside ranks low on the list of priorities.

The obvious solution-Ride in the morning.

My brother and I decided that a 6 A.M. ride was a fantastic way to get out, avoid the heat and do better. Ugh, that alarm came early. Peeling my eyes open took real effort. The ride was cooler but I felt sluggish and slow. The time it took to complete the ride reflected that sluggish sensation.  I really wanted to go back to bed the minute I got home. Instead, I got ready for the day and now I am writing this. Maybe its backlash from the wasted video game day, but I want to change my schedule once again, try getting to bed before 11:30, get up before 7. Crazier things have happened.

History is not on my side.

Looking back, I have always loved sleeping in. From my teenage years when I would wake up at the sound of the horn from my ride to school, dashing upstairs, skipping breakfast, to my months at Brianhead where  I worked well past midnight, through my mission where as soon as I could make my own schedule, I slept in as much as possible, I have decades of up all night to overcome.

Is it even reasonable to expect myself to change at this point? I am fighting an losing battle as those hours after 10P.M. are totally and completely mine. I treasure that silent time when I owe nothing to anyone. It feels like a unnecessary sacrifice to let that go. What are my motivations? Do I gain a better perspective by being active before 7?  Does anyone but me really care. I do know that I like getting my workouts done before starting my day. I like not thinking about them. Then again, walking at dusk has always been pleasurable. Oh, the conundrum.

Rhetoric darlings, rhetoric.



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2 responses to “Charm Not Withstanding”

  1. Kat says :

    Unreasonable. You’re being too wordy anyway. It’s too hot for me to read so many words.

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