Here in the Middle the Weather is Fine.

Politics, schmolitics-

I have some questions.

What’s so bad about the EPA?

Is an national educational standard necessarily a flawed concept?

Is it 1832 and should I get my musket out from under the floorboards?

Why are state governmental intrusions preferable to federal ones?

Do only wealthy Americans have good ideas?

If it takes more coal produced electricity to run a hybrid car than petroleum and oil, are you really reducing any carbon footprint?

Guns are great, but do you really have to carry one on your hip while at Johnny’s soccer game?

On the same topic, if your favorite shooting spot is dry and the plants all yellow and spent, shouldn’t you bring along some fire suppression materials, or perhaps shoot your gun at a gun range that day?

Why is how I treat my body exempt from the list of personal freedoms I am “guaranteed” under the law?

If two adults (or ten for that matter) want to marry each other, how does that alter my monogamous heterosexual relationship?

Why is it that heterosexuals are allowed to flaunt their sexuality at every turn, every beach, every movie theater, every sidewalk, and gay couples are asked to keep that sort of thing private (this one really isn’t a government issue, just a personal observation)?

Does helping the poor through taxation by default mean we are only giving free shit to drug addicts and lazy assholes?

When did God and Conservative become synonymous?

When is someone going to bring me a taco?





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3 responses to “Here in the Middle the Weather is Fine.”

  1. Robert Williams says :

    Hell yeah 1832!

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