The Randomness of Lists

Things I did but no longer do

1. Hang up my T-shirts and jeans. I have come to terms with fold creases.

2. Wear white socks with every conceivable outfit and shoe. Gym socks and slacks-fashion forward thinking.

3. Smash my bread into a tiny salty mashed up ball of goodness (though I have thought of doing this again from time to time, only with cleaner hands).

4. Eat Bologna. I have considered trying it fried again. Maybe I feel it is a bottom dweller deli meat. Strange enough, I still love hot dogs. I am a wealth of contradiction.

5. Enjoy the musical styling of Huey Lewis and the News. I can’t even find them funny anymore. How did this happen?

Things you may not know about me

1. I used to be terrified of urban environments. Well, really only at night. All those hooligans waiting to beat me to a pulp.

2. At my heaviest, I weighed in at 251 pounds. I think I only had two chins, but my cheeks just slid nicely down to my neck. I had no jawline. Good times.

3. I cannot write a lowercase q. Cannot might seem an exaggeration, but it seems like a cannot to me.

4. I only sneaked out of my parents house once. Of course it was to meet up with girls. I was supposed to kiss one of them. In my memory, I was freaked out by her forehead.

Other tidbits

My first alcoholic drink was an awful concoction of Tavarski lime vodka and Mountain Dew. I learned two things-Never drink booze that comes in plastic bottles and costs less than 10 dollars a fifth. Never mix anything with Mountain Dew.

I love the taste of clove cigarettes. I have never been a huge smoker, but from time to time I have enjoyed various tobacco products. Cigars are kind of fun.

Along those same lines, the most cigarettes I have smoked in one three hour period is eight. They were consumed along with a few pints of delicious beer at a now defunct place called Yabuts, that used to be called Spanky’s. The building still exists, standing there empty and forlorn.

I refuse to use cursive script. It really needs to be abolished.

I have never attended a Major League Baseball game or a MLS match. I will do better on the second.

Soccer (or football for the purist) is becoming my second favorite sport. The list begins with American football, followed by a close tie between Hockey and Soccer. I just began watching English Premier League games this spring, but as I refuse to watch sporting events after the fact (the exception being Giants Superbowl wins and U of U BCS bowl victories),and the games are on very early, I tend to miss most televised matches. Next season! I still have to pick a team to follow. Hopefully one that wont get relegated. As for the MLS, I do love watching RSL play. I need to take my kids to a match.

I have only been out of the country once but that was to Canada, so I am unsure if that counts.  And British Columbia, what is with the 35kph speed limit? I wager it is to catch unsuspecting Americans in speed traps as they cross the boarder, not checking their speedometers and rushing past your police cars. I bet you make a killing!

I have not had a soda for almost three years. This might not seem a huge deal until you consider the amount of it I used to consume. As a high school senior, it was routine to drink two or three 32 ounce drinks in a day. As an adult, I would often consume three or four a week. A twelve pack of cans might last three days in my house, if it was lucky.

I don’t like fish. I once ate flounder caught and prepared by a professional fisherman. That was tasty. Tuna from a can doesn’t count as fish.

I have a weakness for dark chocolate and heavy metal. They go hand in hand.

I get confused by people who get offended by atheists, yet have no problem bringing up God on a daily basis. You are more than welcome to talk about religion as long as you are willing to actually be part of a discussion. If you are unwilling to agree to that condition, I have no sympathy for your being upset.

Wines from Arizona are really good.

I have never gone farther than three miles in one run. I really (and I mean really, really) hate distance running. It makes my head, heart, lungs and legs ache. The only time I like running is when I am done running. It is always torture.

When I look in the mirror I still expect to see my 23 year old self staring back at me. I have stopped being shocked by my glasses and grey hair, but I cant get used to the eye wrinkles. I also don’t currently like any photos of myself in profile.

I am too old to stay in a cheap, dirty motel.

I love the ocean but can’t swim very well.

I do my best to not drink my calories. Iced coffee is a nice way to drink something besides water. I still need sugar and real half and half. Hmmm, maybe I should go get some now.

Avocados are an acquired taste. I like mine smashed up and mixed with some salsa. Spread on a turkey sandwich is also nice.

Watermelon tastes better with seeds, but not enough to make it worth the effort. Seedless all the way.

When I come across an author I like, I tend to get obsessive, having to read everything they have written.

Most of my current favorite writers do not write in English. This makes me wonder if I really like the authors or the translators. One thing that drives me insane though, is some pretentious goon telling me that I can’t appreciate -insert writer here- until I read them in the original -insert language here-. You need to go away now.

I wish I had more followers on twitter (@ryanscarty hmmmm).

I really only like bacon as a side dish with breakfast or on burgers. I don’t like it wrapped around other various meats. I don’t like it in salad as a topping or on donuts. It’s a weakness, I know.

His is a picture I took today while walking

The road falls away off the edge of  world. When I walk in the mornings, I think of the most pathetically random things. I am sure they will make great blog entries, then I get home and try to write them. They are not.

This one was a good idea.


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