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Guilty pleasures-things that an individual likes despite all evidence those things are complete crap!

Yeah, I have a lot of these. Music, television, art, movies-I have songs, bands, shows and films that I continue to enjoy long after credible evidence has presented itself, showing that I lack anything close to good taste. I am a very forgiving person when it comes to media. It really has to suck (like draining the universe of light, sucking) before I will admit something is awful. I have read hundreds of books and the only one I would never tell anyone to read is The House of Sand and Fog. I have only really hated two movies (ask).  I suffered through, and actually enjoyed several television shows that were cancelled before the first season was half over (ask me if you’re interested. I am too embarrassed to write them).  We will save guilty music for for next week (but oh, I like some really awful bands).

Top Stuff-8=guilty pleasures-movie style!

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure-OK, hard to really call this a guilty pleasure when so many people enjoy the film. Still, I am hard pressed to find anyone born after 1990 who finds this entertaining. Two deadbeat, loser teens go on an epic adventure through time with the aid of a phone booth time machine, provided for them by a very bored George Carlin. The acting is atrocious, but the one liners are fantastic. I am a sucker for Keanu Reeves. The dude is a horrible actor but I admit to enjoying most of his films. It can be argued that he plays the same character in all his movies, this character-Ted

Gross Anatomy-Matthew  Modine and a pre-Melrose Place Daphne Zuniga star in this romantic comedy about students in their first year of medical school, taking a course in gross human anatomy.  Modine is the fly by the seat of his pants sort of guy while Zuniga is the serious, top and any cost type of student. Of course, Modine falls for the hard to get Zuniga and hilarity, heartbreak and reconciliation occur. Could there be a more cliched story?

Clean Slate– Dana Carvey has put out some stinker films. This one is laugh out loud good. Private investigator Maurice Pogue wakes up one morning, unable to remember anything about himself. He discovers he has been in an accident and is suffering from a rare form of amnesia that prohibits him from remembering anything once he falls asleep. He finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation, a hunt for a rare coin, and a beautiful woman who may be his only ally or worst enemy. Both Sheryl and I love this movie. The first time we saw it, both of us laughed to the point of tears and coughing.

Strange Days-Ralph Fiennes, Angela Bassett,  Tom Sizemore and Juliette Lewis power this fantastic film. It is 1999, the eve of the “new millennium” and all hell is about to break loose. An ex cop (Fiennes) is a street dealer, selling straight to the brain memories that can be watched over and over through a device that allows the user to not only see, but feel the memories. While trying to reunite with his ex girlfriend, Faith (Lewis) he becomes tied up in a police conspiracy involving the recorded memory of the murder of a prominent rap artist by the LAPD, that threatens his life as well as Faith and his two friends (Sizemore and Bassett). This film is gritty and dark and I love it.

Paycheck-One of the many film adaptations of  Philip K Dick stories, Paycheck gets me because of the presence of Uma Thurman, who I love, love, love. Aaron Eckhart plays a brilliant bad guy in this movie. He is underrated in my opinion in most everything he does.  This film plays with so many cool ideas from memory manipulation and time viewing. Even Ben Affleck is good in this movie (sorry, Robbie. He really is. Admit it) and I always enjoy Paul Giamatti.

The Replacements-Another fine film starring Keanu. Also, you get to watch Gene Hackman at his best, playing another sports coach. In this film, NFL players have gone on strike and the coaches determine to continue the season by hiring replacement players, guys who have some ability but have for one reason or another, not made it to the big time. Reeves plays the quarterback, Shane Falco, a one time All-American QB who often crumbles under pressure and has not played football since an embarrassing  Sugar Bowl loss.  This movie has it all! Bad acting, great acting, football, throwing up eggs in the huddle, a bar fight, the electric slide and strippers as cheerleaders. How could one not love this movie.

Dirty Dancing-My first date was Dirty Dancing at the drive in. I saw it along with Pretty in something…I forget. This is one of those movies I tried not to like. I tried to hate the dancing, the acting, the music, all of it. I failed. I love the pure cheese of this film. I love Patrick Swayze as the hard-ass-with a heart of gold-dance instructor. I love the dialogue (“I carried a watermelon”), and the nasty dancing. I can admit to getting chills during the last dance number and admit that it is so over the top and ridiculous as well. It sure was lucky she wore her dancing panties that night!

Eddie and the Cruisers– Micheal Pare was briefly the golden boy during the early 80’s. He had no staying power however and his acting was passable at best. I guess he was just pretty enough to get roles, rugged enough but not talented enough to take it to the top. In Eddie, Pare plays rocker Eddie Wilson, who committed suicide in the early 60’s. His band made one album, recorded a second that was never released. A nosy reporter gets the idea that Eddie might still be alive, as his body was never found, and embarks on a mission to interview the remaining band members, find the unreleased record and hopefully, a living Eddie Wilson. The story unfolds through the memories and recollections of “Word Man” Frank Ridgeway, played by Tom Berenger. The soundtrack is what captivated the teenager in me. I love the songs and still listen to them (oh the guilty pleasure of that). My kids really like this film. Not sure others do.

Butterfly Effect-Every choice changes the course of our lives. Some choices change our lives in ways we regret. What if you could go back and change things, do something else? What if those changes made things worse? That is the premise of this movie. I like the acting work of Ashton Kutcher  in this film. A very serious role, but he plays it well. I also like Amy Smart (in this and other films. Rat Race for one). Give this one a try.

Grease 2-Finally, the most guilty and silly of my guilty pleasures. I first saw this on HBO when I was 12. I fell in love with Michelle Pfeiffer and her sexy black jeans. She was the epitome of my Jr. High fantasy girl. Maxwell Caulfield was far too pretty to be like me, but I related to his plight-lusting after the popular, pretty, dirty, yet unattainable girl. The songs are so over the top, filled with sexual innuendo and I know them all. I know how bad this movie is, know it has poor story, poor film making, awful acting and bad singing. Still, I love this movie. I love it more than the original.

I am sure there are more of these, but ten seems more than enough. Give me your list. Make fun of mine. Do something.


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4 responses to “Top Stuff-8”

  1. robbie carty says :

    I hate paycheck Haha

  2. Sheila M. Carty says :

    Ryan, I really enjoyed this, enjoyed hearing about these “bad” movies, even though I have only seen 3 of them and definitely don’t want to see the others after this, ha,ha! I will always love Dirty Dancing and Eddie and the Cruisers, and Grease 2 has afforded many family jokes over the years! I would love to know your guilty movie and TV series pleasures. Keep it coming…

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