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“This song is an instrumental” is an interesting phrase. As if a voice is not an instrument. I really want someone to say, “this song has no singing”.

As a teenager, I found long songs, especially when there were long stretches of no singing, extremely boring. That has changed as I have aged (I would say matured but “I’ve matured” is as annoying a phrase as “this song is an instrumental”). Now I enjoy many songs and many bands that come sans vocals.  In fact, when I write, I prefer music without vocals. It is easier to focus on my thoughts. Though I do worry that I allow the music to dictate too much of where the writing goes.  I argue to myself that my words are just a reaction to the music, not derived from the music. A fine line maybe, but one I easily draw.

Today’s top stuff are songs without vocals that I enjoy. I have very little experience with these types of bands and I am sure someone among my massive amounts of readers can point me to better and more interesting bands and songs than the ones I am going to link. Keep in mind, I seem to like Post Rock instrumental, not Joe Satriani type instrumentals. As always, I welcome that! Teach me!

Kerretta is a band from Auckland, New Zealand. I just discovered them recently and am very impressed. Quickly becoming on of my favorite “instrumental” bands. This song is called Halls to Wherever. 

Pelican are from Chicago and are one of the first bands sans vocals that I found interesting. My favorite song is a 20 minute track called March Into the Sea. If you can’t make yourself sit through that much loveliness, try this shorter version.

Also from Chicago, Russian Circles make some killer tracks. Listen to Harper Lewis off the record, Station.

Texas band Explosions in the Sky are a groovy bunch. Check out this track called Six Days at the Bottom of the Ocean 

Tell me what you think of Red Sparowes and the song In Illusions of Order.

And because I really love Keretta that much, I am going to leave you with one more. A live version of A Ways to Uprise . Gotta love the bellies and killer beards!


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