Three for Breakfast

In an earlier post, I discussed the fabulous omelets made at Over the Counter Cafe.  Since then, I have been pondering other ways to talk food here on this fine website.  Sticking with a breakfast theme, I present to you my three favorite places for one particular breakfast, Eggs and bacon. Each of the places serves a very similar dish, including Hash browned potatoes and either pancakes or toast. I have had several variations of eggs at each location, but for the purposes of this post, I will limit my discussion to meals with scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, toast (oh, how I love good toast) and coffee.

Original Pancake House-Without equal, the best bacon in the city. Perfectly cooked in its own fat, this bacon comes almost as thick cut as a ham slice at most other restaurants. I cannot go to OPH without ordering bacon, regardless of what else I am eating. Moist in places while crispy and blackened in others, the flavor is exceptional. For the bacon alone, I often pick OPH over most other breakfasts. The eggs are decent. I like my scrambled eggs on the moist side, and these are pretty good. They do require pepper and Cholula,  but so do most eggs served at restaurants. The hash browns are cooked in butter and while not the best I have eaten, they are good enough. Ketchup and some black pepper make them quite tasty. The toast often comes cold, which bothers and the coffee can be great some days and very watery on others. If you enjoy good bacon, this is where to get it. Even with the other elements being less than stellar, this place is exponentially better than Dee’s, Denny’s or Ihop (all of these, including OPH are chain restaurants).











Finn’s-Originally located in what is now my Vet’s office, Finns serves breakfast and lunch and is famous for their Norwegian influence. All the servers here where white, which is sometimes a bit unfortunate (how judgmental of me), and annoying, but I have yet to have bad service here. My  cup never gets empty and the coffee is dark and delicious. Presentation is fantastic here as well. The plate of food looks delicious and smells delicious when it is served to you.  The eggs  are my favorite of the three places. Moist and delicious, they require no seasoning. I tend to eat them very quickly and always want more. The hash browns are good as well. The potatoes have a very light flavor and I don’t feel heavy after eating them. Unfortunately, the bacon is not my favorite. It is not under or overcooked, just too crisp for my liking. I prefer being able to tell whether I am eating the fat or the meat and with this bacon, it all tastes the same. My favorite part of eating at Finns’ and what will influence me to chose this place over others is the toast and Jam. The toast comes out warm and buttered and when covered in the decadently sweet and savory berry jam, it is fantastic. I have gone to Finn’s just to eat the toast. The jam is that good.











Blue Plate Diner-This place is good for any meal. There dinner menu is fantastic. Burgers and sandwiches never miss but I am a sucker for their breakfasts and the Classic Blue with meat in particular. The second best bacon I have had in SLC. Peppered and thick cut, it is greasy deliciousness. I feel gluttonous just thinking about eating it. The eggs are well prepared though I hear they do better poached eggs than scrambled. I like them with pepper and hot sauce and though not as tasty as Finn’s they are much better than OPH. The coffee is not fantastic but it is quite good. I like their toast, as it is served right off the grill and the bread is better than the other two places. The jams and jellies are the pre-packaged sort and that is disappointing. They serve home fries rather than hash browns, and it might not be fair to compare these to the potatoes at the other places but regardless, they are oh so very good. Served with bits of green and red pepper, they are evenly cooked and served hot. I am loathe to share them with anyone.








Three places that are fantastic! If you haven’t tried them, do! If you have and just want to try them again, invite me. We could go this week.

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  1. JR says :

    Do you always order your eggs scrambled? I prefer over medium.

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