Top Stuff-5

I am obviously failing at making a top stuff list every week.  I can look at this two ways (well many more ways than two, but I am choosing to pick two. Perhaps it is a natural urge to place everything into some sort of dichotomy, a remnant from my public schooling, but regardless, I am picking two)-  first, I am a wealth of ideas and do not need to fall back on my fail safe top something list. Second, I can’t even think of a top five things list to make and therefore am forced to come up with some other, barely interesting, idea to write about.

I am leaning more towards number 2, but am hopeful it is number 1.

Anywho…I am changing the title a bit and removing the reference to the week. Not very clever, but it makes more sense than calling it Top Stuff-Week 5 when it is obviously at least week 8.

After that long winded and really pointless ramble, I present without further delay (I promise), this fabulous and clever list of top stuff. I am calling it-Top Songs I Like from Bands I Usually Don’t.

(Is that contraction ok?)

1. Moby-Southside Ft the lovely Gwen Stefani I tried really hard to like Moby. I checked out several records from the library and listened with every intent of liking them. I don’t like them and I can’t understand why. He seems clever, talented and on the cutting edge of things, but his music fails to reach me. In fact, I don’t even like the original version of this song. Its the addition of Gwen that makes it a song I really like a great deal. Best lyric- Here we are now going to the south side. I pick up my friends and we hope we won’t die…

2.Seven Mary Three-Cumbersome I really, really love this song. It is so heavy and dirty. When the drums drop in after the intro, I cant help but start shaking my head. The vocalist has a great, gravely voice. I sing this song all the time, post this same video link over and over. I also really think this band sucks. They must have sold their souls for this one track. Every once in a while, I put on the record this song is from, hoping I am finally ready for it and that I will like the rest of it as much as this one song. I don’t. Best lyric-To rich, too poor she’s wanting me less and I’m wanting her more…

3.Black Crows-Hard to Handle  While this is a cover of an Otis Redding song, it is a great version by the Crows. I have to also say that I also like She Talks to Angels, off the record “Shake Your Money Maker”,  just not as much as this cover.  That being said, this band is not very good (keeping in mind all musical taste  is very subjective).I think the songs feel lazy, like they were just tossed together over a night of Pabst and blunts. Best lyric-I’m advertising love for free, so you can place your ad with me…

4.Puscifer-Rev22:20 I am going to anger a lot of Tool fans by saying I don’t like Puscifer. Again, I really want to like them and I was so hopeful after this song (which was on the Underworld soundtrack) came out. Rev 22:20 sounds completely different than anything else Puscifer does. It has energy and life and grit (plus some really crafty lyrics that would easily offend, and I love songs that push buttons). Everything else they do feels like a cash grab, nothing else.  Best lyric (that won’t be too offensive, giggle)-If I gotta sin to see her again, then I’m gonna lie and lie and lie…

5.XTC-Dear God I know, I know…tell me I just don’t get the brilliance of XTC. There are other songs I tolerate. King for A Day is good. Making Plans for Nigel is alright but the Primus version is better. The band is just quirky for the sake of being quirky and if I want that, Talking Heads are  more talented and interesting. That being said, This song is really good. I am even willing to argue the content as I feel this song is not just an accusation towards divinity, but humans who have created an image of a God that selects one group to aid or save, while allowing others to suffer and die. Best Lyric- And all the people that you made in your image, see them fighting in the streets, cause they cant make opinions meet about God…

6.Stone Temple Pilots-Plush Another band that I know I should like and just don’t. If not for RockBand, I would most likely not like any of their songs. This one is groovy. and I like the acoustic guitar that lingers in the background. Very cool track. Best lyric-And I see that these are the eyes of disarray…

7.Avenged Sevenfold-Unholy Confessions  This song is from Screamo version of this band (and they really can scream well). I like most of this record (Waking the Fallen) but on the whole, this band is a let down. They went from a half decent screamo band to flat out trash rock. They are not terrible, just cliche’. It has been done and been done a lot better. This song is full of cheesy whiny lyrics and I should really despise it for that. Instead I find myself turning it up very loud, singing and screaming along. Give it a try! Best Lyric-“I’ll try” she said as she walked away. “Try not to lose you…”

8.10,000 Maniacs-What’s the Matter Here My sister will be mad at me for this one. Am I the only person who finds this band crushingly dull? They have a few songs that are likable, but nothing they make demands that I listen. Then there is this song. It talks about abuse and the justifications or lack thereof for getting involved. I get chills whenever this song comes on. It is the least preachy song about neglect and abuse I can think of, and that is what makes it so damn brilliant . Best lyric-If you don’t sit in your chair straight, I’ll take this belt from around my waist and don’t you think that I won’t use it…

So there you have it. Songs I like from bands I often don’t. I would love to have someone talk me into liking one of these bands. Please, somebody try.


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