Top Stuff-Week 4

During the first three and a half years of high school, I wore nothing but (mostly) gym shoes. I wore them to class, to work and dances, if I could get away with it. I thought there were the ultimate in comfort and that nothing would ever replace them. I loved the look of denim and tennis shoes and to be honest, I sometimes still do.

At some point during the second half of my senior year, I finally caught up with current fashion and started wearing brown shoes to school. They looked a bit like these-

I fell so in love with them that I wore them until the soles wore completely off. After that, I wore them as slippers (yep, how cool am I).

Since then, my love of shoes has often bordered on an obsession. I rationalize that the more you have, the longer they last. In some cases that has turned out to be true. Which brings me to my list.

Top Five pairs of shoes I have ever owned-

The only pair of gym shoes to make the list-British Knights, quilted pattern on the sides. I thought they were so pretty. Lots of folks had some envy. At the time, no one really owned British Knights and I felt like I was on the edge of a something new. Didn’t turn out that way though.

Black low cut Chuck Taylor’s-I have owned a few pairs of these. Some might count these as gym shoes and I guess they sort of are. These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned and are best when they are just about to break into tiny pieces.

Black Doc Martens- I bought a pair of ten eyelet Docs with my student loan money back in 1994. Of all the shoes I have ever owned, these have lasted the longest. I liked to pretend I was sort of thuggish in these shoes. Especially, if I tucked my jeans into the top. Now that is a hardcore look! I still have them, still wear them. I am contemplating buying new ones.

These dress shoes I have owned for over a decade. They don’t get out much, but they are quite fabulous. Three quarter height, black oxford shoes with leather and rubber bottoms. More comfortable than they appear, I have worn them for 12 hours at a stretch. Great to wear at weddings.

Finally, just a lovely photo of the shoes I mentioned at the first of this post. Plus, you have to love the pants!


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