Don’t Choke on This Slice.

Another slice of the political landscape of Utah.

Rep. Bill Wright of Holden, Utah has proposed a bill that would prohibit public schools from mentioning contraception during sex education discussions.  Already unable to advocate their use, teachers would be unable to answer questions or discuss any forms of contraception.

“When we promote promiscuous behavior it’s the same thing as promoting alcohol or drugs,” said Wright.  Yep, exactly! Because these three things are exactly the same.  Drinking, drugs and sex. I know for myself that I love to combine all three…makes for a night of complete promiscuity. Wow, no wonder many children grow up with messed up ideas about sex.

Another highlight-“We think that government should always promote the gold standard, especially when it comes to children,” said Matt Piccolo, a policy analyst with the Sutherland Institute, “and our public schools shouldn’t teach children to abstain from sex but then share with them faulty prevention methods.” Those cursed, faulty contraceptive methods! 90+ % success rate be damned (not to mention all those fun diseases condoms ‘don’t’ protect against).

A Planned Parenthood maturation program was pulled last year when some complained it “undermined the role of parents and gave too much information to boys and girls about each others’ bodies”. What is too much information?  Can understanding what the other gender is going through be a terrible thing? I chose to see the best in people and imagine it being a very positive thing.While I agree that the majority of sexual education should be done by parents, too many of them fail at it.

To be clear, I completely encourage abstinence discussions. Most teens are not ready for sexual relationships, but not sharing preventative information with  kids is dangerous. They are having sex. Ignoring that is not doing anyone any good. Without contraceptive information, more kids will have unwanted pregnancies, contract diseases, ruined lives.

Bottom line-we are sexual beings. Most of us like it, most of us have it. Most of us understand our children are going to like it and want to do it. Eventually they all will.  While we want them to make good decisions, they  might make poor ones. I for one, want my sons to be safe and protected. I will teach them that at home, but like many things, they might not hear what I say. If the school is able to reinforce what I say, maybe it will sink in.




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