What, No Winter?

I should know better than to even type that title as I am only cursing myself to a long cold spring. I can already see the dreary rain and chilling winds lingering into June.  No! I am going to remain positive. It is going to be a fantastic spring and summer.

So far, this has been the best winter. So little snow, so little cold. It almost feels like it has been November for four months. When I went for a few bike rides in December, I counted those as lucky moments, times when there would not be hazards in every bike lane, puddles of ice and muddy water, waiting to suck me in and flatten my tires. Rides in January are rare enough, but being able to go up Immigration Canyon six times is preposterous. Each time I got on the bike, I expected to find myself having to turn around at the half-way point due to snow or ice or something.  Each time, nothing stood in the way.

Now we are well into February and I have taken three more rides up that canyon. The other day it did snow and it was colder, but if not for the stinging of the beads of hail-like flakes that kept hitting my eyes, the ride would not have been that uncomfortable. I also learned that I am out of excuses when it comes to cold weather. If I can ride in the wind and snow, I can ride almost  every day.








Today was almost perfect. It was still overcast and my fingers were a bit numb on the way up, but the top was magnificent. I am so pleased that I will not have to go through what I did last March, with my body wanting to shut down, cursing me for my winter of inactivity.

I am looking forward more mild weather, more bike rides, hopefully with some of you. Remember, the Cycle Salt Lake Century is a little over three months away. May 19th! Time to get ready.


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