Top Stuff-Week1

Been pondering the idea of a weekly list, something I can fall back on when I have days like today( like the past few days really). Writing is never easy for me, but the past few days everything seems forced, like I am trying to suck water from dry sponges, which never goes well.  I know all writers (I arrogantly name myself a writer) have difficulty at times, each of them pressing and struggling to create sentences that might matter, be interesting, convey an idea. Truth be told, some days you just don’t have jack to say.

I  am going to ride my bike later today, so there is always that .

Anyway, since I am writing this, my pondering has moved from the planning stage on to execution. Once a week I am going to compile a list of favorite, least favorite, clever and not so clever things. I figure the more open I leave it, the better.

This week-Top song of each Cure studio album.

If you are unfamiliar with The Cure, you suck. Do better.

Three Imaginary Boys-Title Track.  That link is a tasty live version from 1979. Such a sexy, young, unpainted Robert Smith.

Boys Don’t Cry-American version of the above, but with a few tracks removed and a few added, like World War. One of my favorite Cure songs, ever.

Seventeen Seconds-M. “You’ll fall in love with somebody else tonight.”

Faith-All Cats are Grey. If any song captures the mood of the Cure, its this one.  This is a headphones in a dark, empty room song. I recommend just that very thing-at high volume.

Pornography-A Strange Day. At one time my absolute favorite cure song. I love the lyrics and the soft slow keyboards just under the driving drums. “…and the sky and the impossible explode.”

The Top-Piggy in the Mirror. Such a strange record, but oh so tasty! All these songs are a bit quirky, even for The Cure but the more I listen to this record, the more I love it. “Sixteen white legs and a row of teeth. I watch you in secrecy.”

Head on the Door-Push. “This songs about when I used to wear a dress and travel on the train.” Ha! The video is from the “Paris” concert. A song about growing up that made a great deal of sense to me, still does.

Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me-How Beautiful You Are. This is a hard choice, but the poetry of this song puts it over the top. Some of Smith’s best lyrics and imagery IMO.

Disintegration-Disintegration. My favorite Cure song, period. Another song about growing up and  out of things, places, people. The end is most powerful.  This is the live version off 1991’s Entreat.

Wish-From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea. Another lyrical masterpiece. Really hard to not like this song.

Wild Mood Swings-Jupiter Crash. A good story in this song and this entire record is underrated.

Bloodflowers-Watching Me Fall. These last records are not as good as the earlier stuff, but this song is.

The Cure-Lost. Which is what most of this record is. Too many songs are included on imports or only available on vinyl. This song is pretty bare and raw. Which is why I like it. Nice and angry and confused. A rare good song on these last two records.

4:13 Dream- Underneath the Stars. Some call this album a very ‘curesque” record, this first track is the only one that reminds me of the band I love. I keep hoping they have another great record in them, but I am starting to doubt.

And so not to end on a negative note, I leave you with a fantastic song-Charlotte Sometimes.



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