I made cookies the other night.









Snickerdoodles from a swell recipe I found online.  One thing I don’t do enough of is baking. I wish I had the flair for it. I can follow a recipe fairly well and make passable treats. I just don’t have the creativity for baking that I do for other things.  Take these cookies-they were good enough but nothing fantastic.  I wish I knew what ingredients would have made them spectacular. Maybe I just need practice.

When I came back from my summer of love at Brianhead, I brought with me some killer cooking and baking skills. I made fantastic Cajun potatoes, made with tons of heavy cream and cayenne pepper . Cheese cake was another specialty I mastered. So dense and lush and creamy, it was my favorite thing though I am embarrassed to tell  the amount of cream cheese in two pies.

When I was first married I used to cook all the time and I want to get back to that. Stir fry dishes and pastas with homemade sauces. They were simple things but both Sheryl and I enjoyed those meals.  I have since forgotten and lost those skills. I can’t recreate any of those items and I have tried.

Its a good thing then that Sheryl has been wanting to make meal planning a priority. I can rediscover my cooking skills and we might eat out less (oh, we love the out to eat nights). The hard part-I am a mood eater and I don’t want to be tied into a certain meal on a certain evening. I would rather have the freedom to make whatever comes to mind, but planning the meals is a perfect way to have things on hand that cultivate that kind of freedom. If I have things in the house that can be used to make multiple dishes, the possibilities are limitless.

So I am gonna do it! It is time to stock up my supplies of ingredients, spices, vegetables and sauces and cook more, bake more, learn more. Maybe I can even make that luscious cheese cake again!

Want to join me?



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2 responses to “Baked”

  1. Kat says :

    Yes. I passionately say aye. This is my barbaric baking yawp.

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