On my blogger page a few years back, I asked about earliest memories. I am going to do it again, hoping to get more responses this time.

Memory is a fantastic topic all unto itself, and I will devote more time and blog space at a future date.  Most of us have a time in our lives where the forward momentum of our existence starts to make sense. We have linear memory of events and while we might get certain events out of order, usually we can place an event within a certain limited time frame. When we are very little and our memories are still forming (or maybe we are instead only starting to learn how to access them), much of what we recall is a jumble and we are unsure if it is real or more likely something we have been told about what happened or what we did.

If you are willing to play, I would like you to try this: Put yourself in a place where there will be few distractions . Try and think about your life.  If you can’t get yourself to focus, try breathing in and out deeply and slowly. Close your eyes and think only on your breathing. Think back and try not to recall large events like birthdays or holidays. Instead try and focus on scattered images, almost shades of memory, rather than what we usually think of as memory. See if you can think back, just letting things flow past your mind, not grasping onto any one thing. Things will most likely start out in linear fashion, hopefully going backwards in your life and you will want to explore some things, run from others. Resist that temptation and just let things flow.

When I tried this a few years back, I was surprised to come across three things that predate what I thought for years was my earliest memory.  These  things happen before I turn three and when my family lived in Salt Lake City. In the first I have a distinct image of standing in a room with a green carpet, getting ready to take a bath. My mother is there and we are doing something that is delaying the start of the bath. I just want to play with my toys in the water.

A second image is of a dark stairway and I am standing at the top of it. My mother is calling down to one of her sisters and she answers back. The hallway is filled with her shadow and she walks up.

The last is a vivid dream. I am on a patio situated on the roof of a house over the garage. I am playing  baseball with some people I don’t know. I am holding a brand new catchers glove, with a chest protector, shin guards and a wonderful catchers mask.  I am especially happy for the mask and keep touching it, taking it on and off.

Again, I would love to hear your memories, if you would like to share them.



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3 responses to “Memories”

  1. Julee Dickes says :

    My earliest memory was when I was about 2 years old. We were at Disneyland and I was in the stroller and my sister, Jennifer, kept getting in my stroller and I was so mad at her for being there because I could smell her breathe and I didn’t like it. I remember being SO annoyed that she was sitting behind me. That’s all I can remember about it. Crazy Julee with her ultra sensative nose, hahaha

  2. fenster020 says :

    Do you remember what the smell was? And I totally understand that sensitive nose, though mine is not that sensitive. Bad breath is the worst. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sheila Carty says :

    Holy Cow, the house on Gilmer Drive where Pam lived in the basement with a roommate, and the green shag carpet, and the patio over the garage! That’s awesome Ryan. My earliest memory is when I was about 4, just barely. I had the chickenpox, almost recovered. I went outside in my shortie nightgown. My mom was talking to the next door neighbor and my twin sisters, Pam and Patty, were riding tricycles up and down the driveway. They were about 2-1/2. I remember my sister Patty looking at me and saying something like, “You better go back in the house, you are sick.” I am going to try to remember something earlier if I can. Love you son.

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