Herbert Moans…

Utah governor defiant of feds in election-year State of The State | The Salt Lake Tribune.

If you ever needed a guide to the ridiculousness of Utah politics, the mentality of far too many people in this state, read this article. In one sentence, Governor Herbert condemns federal interference and overreach while ignoring Utah’s elbow deep grab at federal disaster money. His argument that Utah pays into some kind of rainy day fund with the Feds is laughable. Wouldn’t state rights be better served by investing that money in Utah rather than sending it off to the malicious federal bullies?

I do think the federal government of the United States is a bloated, bureaucratic mess, but wasting time, energy and money fighting for some outdated idea of us versus them, is not a good idea.

Herbert’s rhetoric of an overreaching  federal government is   hypocritical when his own state constantly restricts personal freedom. He bemoans Washington’s interference, saying it stifles business and economic growth while at the same time running a state government that denies access to liquor licenses, making it months and sometimes years before new restaurants and businesses can open. The Utah Hospitality association is suing the state for these practices.

Herbert talks of restrictions on state lands, talks of responsible energy policy, while companies like Energy Solutions and Rio Tinto respectively bring dangerous nuclear waste from other states for disposal and rip up the entire east face of the Oquirrh  Mountatins, digging for precious metals.

The one party dominance of Utah politics has left no reasonable voice.   Somehow, somewhere along the road, since there is no opposing political party to argue with, the legislature of Utah has decided to argue with Washington. To what end? All this posturing, it seems so childlike.



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