Walk this World With Me

I am one of those people.

If I could, if it were possible, I would love to live for centuries. I imagine the history I would see, the changes in an already rapidly changing universe. Thinking of the world I was born into,  then the world my father, then how his father lived. Side by side they are almost unrecognizable as the same place. Buildings cover once empty fields.  People are always connected everywhere, for good and bad. I used to dream of friends all over the world, I even had pen pals in other countries, France, Germany, just to have words from someone who saw things differently.  I could not have imagined how easy it would be, in my lifetime, to have an instantaneous, face to face conversation with someone half way around the globe.  I can now chat with people in Australia, Germany, England, all at the same time. I can learn their lives, participate in what they do and think.  How wonderfully, frighteningly amazing.

The wealth of instant information is staggering, really. If you think about the vastness, how much there is to see and do, people to meet and learn to love, it is hideously sad how short a time we have to do any of it.  I want to wander through it all, learning, listening, figuring it all out.  I want to take time out of the equation, knowing full well that a finite amount of time is what makes most of us do anything at all.

I even want the bad parts, the difficulty, the pain and suffering of watching everyone you know grow old, die. I firmly believe you cannot say yes to the good without saying yes to the bad. It is the terrible things in life that make the good things good.

I want to learn from all the mistakes as well, my own as well as the mistakes of others. I am a believer in always remembering your mistakes. It is the way I learn. If I forget them, if they don’t at least give me a tiny twinge of guilt or embarrassment at the thought of them,  it would be all to easy to find myself in the same situations again. I am not talking about constantly beating yourself up or constantly apologizing for things you cannot change. All too often we wish our guilt away before it has taught us what we need to learn.  Too many times I have tried to push that feeling down, then I remember why it is there, what choices lead to its existence. It is that moment that I can see more clearly, chose something else, or let myself be humble and submissive if necessary.

Yes, if they find a way, I will choose to try and live as long as I can. So much to do and learn and see. Sounds like a grand adventure. Anyone want to come along for the ride? I am sure it will be worth it.  Walk this world with me

About Ryan Carty

There are some who call me, Tim?

2 responses to “Walk this World With Me”

  1. Robert Williams says :

    Count me in!

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