In the red room where Samantha said mirrors stole souls from the unwary, Derek looked at his twisted, bent reflection in the spiderweb of glass clinging to the wall. One eye pushed up, the other to the right, he smiled and reveled in the distorted image his violence invoked. He turned. Samantha lay pressed against the fold of the  door frame, her limbs askew among the chaos of blood and torn clothing, a testament to her failure, a chasm of misunderstanding, Derek took a long, calming breath.

“You should have known, I have no soul to steal.”

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There are some who call me, Tim?

2 responses to “Mistaken”

  1. Kristen Leigh says :

    Your imagery is very powerful, Ryan. I love how you’ve been able to create a scene in which the protagonist is shown to us as a broken, fragmented individual. When we learn that he is attempting to steal a soul we realize how his insides mirror his outside. Very cool!

  2. fenster020 says :

    Thanks! I thought I would see if I could do anything with such strict word limits. I like most of it. Some of it seems forced, but what writer really likes everything they do? I could edit if for hours more and still be displeased with something.
    Overall though, I do like how it came together.

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