He turned to face her, his head resting on her thigh as she sat cross legged on the grass. “I need to tell” he said, “I have a new favorite part of you.” She kept her eyes closed, her head slightly back, a tiny crooked smile on her lips. She said nothing. The sun poured down on them, brilliant in the new spring. A sense of forgetfulness as summer anticipation blocked out the recent winter months. His list was ever growing. First it was her chin, then her knees that were his favorites. Those were followed by her left arm and most recently her teeth. “It is here” he reached and raised her shirt, exposing her stomach, “this spot, I love it.” She felt herself tighten (the thought of her bare skin, a tiny fearful breathing) at the thought of him looking at the small round of her belly, the tiny bulge she felt was unsightly. She cleared her throat and breathed an uncomfortable thank you while he obliviously traced circles between the two dark freckles above and to the right of her navel.

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