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I have good siblings  I am fortunate in that regard. I cannot remember a time when I was on bad terms with any of my brothers or sister for more than a few hours.









Being four years older than my sister, when she was born I was elated. I didn’t have the usual jealousy. I only wanted to be the best brother I could be. I loved holding her and helping my mother whenever I could. As we grew up, we had times when we were very close and times when I am sure she didn’t want me around. I know there are times I have failed her, times I could have and should have been better to her. Regardless she has always made me feel important and valued. Any mistakes I have made she has selflessly forgiven me. That is just the kind of person she is.











She is not only smart, funny, clever and  beautiful, but an exceptional person. She is a fantastic mother and friend. Living in a family of four brothers, she certainly holds her own and is without doubt, the toughest and most resilient of all the Cartys. I respect her more than she probably knows.

As I mentioned, there are four Carty brothers.









Dylan is six years younger than me. Maybe because of that, we have never been competitive to the point of violence or anger towards each other, at least not as we were growing up. As adults however, we have had some epic sports battles and some angry moments when emotions got the better of us, but those were brief moments, and we are both quick with an apology. He is my bicycle partner and because he is in such fantastic  shape, he drives me to do better. When he was growing up, he was by far the most physical of all of us; the toughest for certain. Because of that, people underestimated how smart he is. Devilishly funny, he has a huge heart that he wears on his sleeve.









For years after Dylan was born, it was just the three of us siblings. Long enough that I thought my parents were done having children. Then when I was almost 11 my mother  became pregnant again and gave birth to  Robbie. He was the cutest baby, unfairly so, and the most gifted athletically of all my siblings. He could throw farther than any of us. Many things that the rest of us had to work at came very easily for him. I honestly thought for a while he would play professional baseball. Things didn’t work out that way and he never seriously played after little league but I was always envious of his natural ease with almost every sport.  You can tell by looking at him, he has a clever wit.









Austen came around 18 months later. Creative and passionate, Austen reminds me very much of my mother. He writes fantastic stuff and has an exceptional singing voice. He loves all things horror and should seriously write for a zombie series. He is the most edgy of all of us, without reservation or shame, he is who he is. His sense of humor is razor sharp and he is almost impossible to embarrass. Anyone who poses with a snuggie has an iron sense of self. Like all of my siblings, he is a very emotional and clever person. I would trust him with any secret and am very grateful to have him as a brother.












I am sure I am not the only one with exceptional family. Believe it or not, I want to hear about yours.


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One response to “Folks and Fun”

  1. Sheila Carty says :

    I am so full of love for these people, who just happen to be my kids! They are the best of my life. There are so many families where the siblings do not have a good relationship, may even say they “hate” each other and never speak. I am so grateful my children all love each other and get along. I think one of the biggest reasons is they are quick to forgive each other, that plus they are just fantastic kids! Okay, okay, I will quit bragging. I love you Ryan, Emily, Dylan, Robbie, and Austen, the Carty brothers and the brother sister. Love from the brother mother.

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