A Short Pondering on Choice

What are your wonder whats? Tell me yours and I may tell you mine.

When I was a teenager I spent way too much time wondering what my future would be like. I  wasted a great deal of time pondering how the next ten years would be much better than the current one in which I found myself.  I would never condemn day dreaming, however. Imagining where you may or may not find yourself, with who and how, is a good way to try and understand what kind of things you want to do and what kind of people you want to fill your life.

The older I get, the more my choices fascinate me. Decisions on where to work, who to date, what car to get have impacted so many other choices, presented me with opportunities I had not considered.  Whether or not my past self managed to  imagine where I finally ended up, every decision I made left behind a path I might have taken, a life I could be leading.  Often, when I think back on that teenage boy, there is so much between he and I that he is difficult to comprehend. We surely would not recognize each other of we met on the street.

That being said…

I am grateful for the decisions I have made. They have placed me in the wonderful life I have. I am surrounded by a fantastic wife, exceptional friends and loving children. Still it is easy to ponder a different life, different friends, different everything. Every life is an exercise in unfathomable chance. One different thread and the tapestry is changed. It is amazing to consider the events that have brought us all to where we find ourselves, and how ridiculously easy it would have been to end up someplace completely different, be someone else entirely

No such thing as fate, right?

Questions or comments are always welcome.


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2 responses to “A Short Pondering on Choice”

  1. natalie lyman says :

    The only thing that matters is that you are who you want to be and true to yourself. TO many people do what everyone else thinks they should do and they end up being miserable. Choices are just that..your choice. No one else has a say in them..even though they may want to. I am glad that you are still the good guy from high school who I always looked up to and laughed at. Thanks for being you . 🙂 Natalie Lyman

    • fenster020 says :

      I agree that being honest with yourself is the most important. Doing what you feel is right and best for YOU is all that matters. I am just shocked by how simple choices alter so much of ones life. I didn’t mean to imply that I look back on my younger self with disdain or anger or that I am ashamed of that person. It interests me that over the course of a life a person can travel such odd and varied roads and how even that path has so many branches that any amount of things are possible. Thanks for reading and really, thanks for commenting.

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