Inversion Wanderings

One of the best activities for engaging both body and mind is walking. I thoroughly enjoy wandering around my neighborhood, being taken in by the scenery and contemplating my day, some complex situation( that usually ends up being actually very simple) or just letting my head wander. I listen to music when I walk and since I have the entirety of my music collection on an Ipod, I am easily able to find a song, an album that fits whatever mood I find myself in.











Since taking part in a fitness challenge in late 2009, I have mapped out an hour long route with several alternative paths that I have yet to grow tired of walking. Though sometimes I do have to force myself to walk the last quarter mile along Foothill Blvd. as the constant traffic and side streets take me out of my thinking arena and force me to pay closer attention.











There are so many churches along this route.  I begin bywalking between the 1st Congregational Church  and the  7th Day Adventist  church which is across the street. St Ambrose Catholic  church is twenty minutes farther on to the west and then south.  There is a Lutheran Evangelical Church near the Foothill Library that has what seems like a dog house on the steeple. A Christian Scientist Church and two LDS chapels are also along this path. My favorite building though, has to be the All Saints Episcopal Church.










Often I have walked past this building at night, its lights lit and the glow from the stained glass held me transfixed. I slow down every time I pass this church and look at it.

Many times, walking late at night has given me time to clear my mind from the clutter of the day. When I was working and certain situations at the library would have me completely frustrated, a brisk night walk with some heavy metal playing was just the thing needed. I could shout in my head along with the songs, feel the music right into the bottoms of my feet as I walked, almost a slow run, up and down the streets until I felt ready for things again.











It is a beautiful walk. Even in winter, with the inversion coming down around me,











like it was today. So much of our lives is spent ignoring the things we walk past, what surrounds us. These walks help me remember. Do you walk, or run? Are you inspired by it or what you walk or run through? Are you, like me, constantly amazed by how beautiful the world is?

I love that I can walk so deep into this winter without it being too cold or having to bundle too much, though I am ready for a little change. Maybe a storm or two. Something to add to the already wonderful things I get to see and experience.











Next time, come along with me.


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