Something to chew on…


Third and Center


I was not a part of that first

uncomfortable silence, leaving

stains on the table where,

close to the center, family

style, we tried to save some

egg rolls for a later night snack.

You looked good in green, better than

when during the second silence she spilled


gravy, pretended not to notice the stares

from the surrounding diners as they coughed

and grunted in disgust at her lack of manners,

her hand, held tight underneath the cloth by you,

cleverly pushed between your thighs, sweaty with anticipation.



Exchange Place (SLC 2004)


Wander the alley and look

for one scrap of untainted

wisdom amongst the missing teeth ____


Black reminders of space

and the in-between places

you left your gum to rot,

thinking that bio-degradable

or not, this is the best spot

to leave the chewed mess

of flavorless chalk white

matter, stretched cleanly

between your salty digits.


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There are some who call me, Tim?

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