Hangover Christmas or My Body Hurts

Another wonderful Christmas season! Funny, but until I watch “Love Actually”, it really doesn’t feel like Christmas at all. This year, we waited until the 23rd to watch it. The second the opening scene started, it was time for Christmas.  Sheryl even stayed up for the entire film, which is amazing for her (to be fair, she gets up much earlier than I do and works much harder). It is one Christmas tradition we both really enjoy.

My boys surprised me with their patience this year. Usually we have to wake them up (often after 8 in the morning) to get started with presents. This year, Sheryl told them we would come and get them when we were ready to start. They took this to mean they were to stay in their room until we came to get them. Destry woke up at 5 and Dylan at 6:30. They both stayed in their room, perfectly quiet until Sheryl woke me just before 8:00 and we walked downstairs, thinking they must still be asleep. I have really good kids!

Sometimes, as a parent, it feels that you just survive Christmas. What with all the noise, the travel, the gatherings, the crushed and realized expectations, the holiday can be on overwhelming experience.  I remember the first year with the boys. We had no idea what to buy them and they really had no idea what they wanted. We ended up with a great many things that were appreciated at first, but really not things that fit their personalities. Plus, they were still quite new to the extended family and both Sheryl and I really wanted them to feel welcome and for them to fit in. I felt a great deal of pressure in that regard and the entire month of December wore me out, physically and mentally.

This year, we celebrated Christmas with Sheryl’s family on the 24th with a huge breakfast, presents and football with the older kids. After a successful campaign at Thanksgiving, My team was soundly defeated by a  team of Kammermans on Christmas eve. I woke up Christmas morning with two sore hamstrings, a tight shoulder and an odd pain in my side.  Add this to the overabundance of eating, and I am feeling spent! It was all I could do to keep my eyes open at our visits on Christmas day.  An quiet evening at home, watching The Love Boat (which holds up much better than I thought) was a perfect way to end things.

My legs still hurt and my house is a bit trashed, but that is Christmas. I am worn and weary, but happier than I have been in quite a while. Sorry if that makes my weekly rant a bit less, well, ranty, but no worries. Give me a week and I will surely be back to my old self, complaining about the weather and whatever else crosses my mind.

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