That’s a Fact, Johnny

Who is this Johnny person of which you speak?

Made it back safe and mostly sound from the excursion to the desert. While game day for the Cardinals/Browns was once again quite cold and rainy, the decision to stay in Glendale over Scottsdale was a good one. It allowed for us to have an epic night of singing at the Shout House Piano Bar where there  was only one near brawl.  Everyone seemed to have a good time and even the brawl just served as comic gold for the rest of the weekend.

Staying near the stadium allowed me to sleep in after a long night and really, just shower, put on my stuff and head over to the stadium. No need to tailgate when you could just eat  and watch football in the hotel. The walk over was less than a quarter mile and it took just fifteen minutes to get into the stadium. I decided I had too many photos of our group watching the game, so I left the camera home and just decided to enjoy the game.

Also, adding the NHL game to the trip was a fantastic idea. I had never seen an NHL game  in person and the speed and athleticism of these men was a joy to watch. Hard to believe men can move in a way that seems so effortless in skates and all that padding. It was an insane contest with the winning margin coming with .1 seconds on the clock. More impressive when you remember that in hockey, the puck has to cross the red line before time expires. Just an amazing experience. We were above the boards in the upper deck, allowing us to hear every grunt, collision and shot with amazing clarity.

As always, it was fantastic to hang out with friends and family, relax and just enjoy (at least two days) the fine weather and company. I am a little tired and spent, but I will recover.

Next year cannot come soon enough.









Outside the arena before the hockey game.









Third period face-off.

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