Road Tripping

I am off on my yearly pilgrimage to University of Phoenix Stadium to watch the Arizona Cardinals play the Cleveland Browns in an epic American Football game. My brother and I have taken the trip, and a secret guest who shall remain nameless has come along for the ride.  The day started with a fantastic morning of chilly winds and pollution snow falling from the sky as we left Salt Lake City. The air was near toxic and the clouds hung low as we headed south.

I decided for this trip to take a few more pictures on the ride down.  A montage of gas stations and roadside views, if you will, to make the trip more…interesting for me.

Our first picture, angelic in nature, was taken at a fine gas station in the thriving community of Panguitch Utah.








it looks as if we are in a sea of white tranquility, burdened by the presence of the bottom half of a  semi.

Our second gas station photo opportunity took place as we blew through Kanab, a place where, on the way home a few years back, a snow storm trapped us and we had to forage for food at the local grocer you see in the background.









These are indeed, manly men!

Our third photo takes us to the lovely town of Page Arizona, a pleasant pit stop after a collection of horrid and dismal towns. I like Page, mostly because it is warmer than any of the other places we stop, and the people seem a little less annoyed with travelers.










Our last gas stop took place in my least favorite town on the trip: Flagstaff, Arizona. Every time I come through this town it is either snowing to end all snow or colder than Siberia in winter, or both. Today it was windy, cold and downright miserable.









If I had my way, I would bypass this very lovely, but always miserably cold area.

Now, I am here in my room in Glendale with three Queen size beds. On Sunday we will walk across the street to the game. Until then, the Westgate Plaza will be my home!









Good times!


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