Listen Up!

As the weather is wet and polluted here in the SLC, I am indoors, drinking hot drinks, eating semi sweet chocolate chips and listening to William Elliot Whitmore. Fifteen year ago, I would never have given this kind of music the time of day. Strange how the older I get, the more I appreciate all kinds of music.

This man speaks to me, right to the middle of my chest.

Last Tuesday, I went to see a band called Trampled by Turtles and Whitmore opened for them. From the very first note  that he sang of Blues Song, I was hooked. Some voices stick with you, regardless of what they sing about. This voice is filled with passion and power. The entire venue was filled with the depth of it.

Below are some of his songs, I won’t say best as I have yet to come across one I did not enjoy. So Listen, if you dare, let it wash up and over. I think you won’t feel ill used or lied to. It really is worth the listening.

Blues Song

Old Devils

A Good Day to Die

Hell or High Water

Hope for You

Who Stole the Soul

Let me know what you think…I even want to know if you hate it with all your heart.



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