Christmas Movie

Something short and sweet for a Saturday night.

What are some favorite Christmas movies?

My family had a tradition of heading out to watch the musical, Scrooge every year. I have seen this film at least 100 times and should know the dialogue by memory at this point. I have learned to love every song and cant help but sing along.  Alec Guinness makes a fantastic Jacob Marley.

Something else from my childhood: Christmas Eve on Sesame Street. How is Santa going to get down all those chimneys in one night? Will Bert and Ernie find perfect gifts for one another? Is it too late for Cookie Monster to get word to Santa what he wants for Christmas?

Sheryl and I have our own tradition that is going on its 8th year: Love Actually is my favorite Christmas film currently. I am a sucker for Liam Neeson and Hugh Grant is perfect in his role as the recently elected Prime Minister. Billy Bob Thornton has a brief but entertaining role as the President of the United States. I am also one of the many who think Colin Firth is good in everything he does. He  plays a writer who, after catching his girlfriend sleeping with his brother, heads off to France to finish his current book (and perhaps find love with a sexy Portuguese housekeeper).  Bill Nighy is hilarious playing a washed up rock star trying to make a come back by re-recording his biggest hit, changing the words to fit a Christmas melody.

Any of the Dark Void have a Christmas film they would like to share?

Love you always, my Deep Dark Void.

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