These Hoops Are Out!

The other day while digging through some old things, Sheryl came across a box of forgotten jewelry. Inside were a pair of earrings I had worn back in the middle 90’s. I have not worn earrings of any kind for close to ten years and wondered if my holes had closed over and how I would look, fab and forty, with the hoops.

I cleaned them (yeah, I think sometimes) with alcohol and tried the left one first. It slid right through, much to my surprise. The right one was a bit more difficult. I remember when I first pierced my ears, I put two holes in the left ear, zero in the right. Later, when I decided to pierce the right, the girl was a bit careless and the line is slightly off. I had forgotten this and repeatedly stabbed myself where I assumed the back exit was located. Finally remembering which direction the hole flowed, I was able to get the right earring in and with Sheryl’s help, get them both closed.

Looking in the mirror, I was glad that I still liked how jewelry looked on my ears. I never once regretted getting pierced and fought myself over and over about getting additional piercings. The usual debate was over gauging my ears. I don’t regret getting a large gauge, but I still like the idea of something around an 8 or 10. Also, I am really liking these plugs

As I looked in the mirror, it came to me how ridiculous and out of date these hoops looked. It made me laugh to think of the time when I thought these were the coolest things on the planet. I wore them for the rest of the day, going out to lunch with my brother and mother. When I came home that night, they came right out.

I know things go in and out of fashion, but sometimes, when you come across something from your 20’s or younger, it is shocking that you chose to wear some of it. Levi’s 501s seem to have stood the test of time, but damn if the GAP jeans I used to wear don’t ride up almost to my belly button. How was that ever comfortable?

Are there any old things lying about that you might find silly and perhaps embarrassing?


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