Christmas Time

This year I was very excited for Thanksgiving. Been quite a while since that was the case. Nothing overly spectacular was happening, beyond the usual gathering of family but I felt a strong desire for that connection. I always enjoy seeing my family (mine and Sheryl’s) and love the conversations and activities. There was even some family football this year with the Kempton family. My son had a great game, catching almost every ball thrown to him and just loving every second of being a part of the family, creating memories that he will surely bring up over and over (as is his way).  Those kind of memories are what I hoped he and his brother would cherish as they have joined our family.

Being adopted at the age of 7, it must be hard for them to really dive in and embrace a new situation, a new set of rules and all these new people who they are suddenly supposed to care about. It is a credit to both them and the families that the transition has been very easy. I never doubt my children are loved by their new extended family, which has made it very simple for my boys to love them right back.

I am also looking forward to Christmas this year. On Christmas Eve, both families gather at our home for dinner, music and conversation. We eat way too much and laugh until our smiles actually hurt. I love hosting this party. It is one tradition that always brings a warmth to my heart and I hope everyone who comes feels the same way. It is unique to have two families that, while very different in so many ways, can easily find something in common to talk about and really make an effort to be joyful and happy when they interact. It is indeed a contrast when all of us are together. My family is very boisterous and loud, often bordering on irreverent, while Sheryl’s family can be crazy but are most often more reserved and calm. The balancing element is the children. Kids are kids and once they get together, every difference becomes irrelevant. They run and jump and play, often knocking things over, but they are so happy it is hard for any of it to really bother me.

I am wondering how you spend your holidays? Do you have similar traditions? Perhaps something completely different? Is this time of year something you enjoy or dread? Tell me your stories.


Such lovely photos of Christmas Eve-


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