Keeping the Beat

Having fell in love with Spotify, I have been spending a bit more time than usual scrounging through my music library. My goal for playlists was to share 5-10 songs that caught my attention or filled a certain mood for that day. What I ended up doing was making obscenely long lists that in most cases, were far to much to digest. I tried to sit through a few of them and ran out of time before half the list was over.

That being said, I still love every song on those lists and am having a difficult time cutting them down.  I still have to find more time to explore Spotify and find bands I am not familiar with.

Been on a Aereogramme kick. They amaze me with their diversity. They do so many things so well. Sucks they disbanded.

Cant claim to have been listening to them since day one, but after their collaboration with ISIS became very interested. I have not been disappointed yet.

Speaking of ISIS, I really think everyone should listen to them. Heartbreaking when they split up, but I have a great deal of  music to hold close.

I am wondering what some of your current favorites or all time favorites are?

My current top five most listened to bands/records are

1. Walkmen-Lisbon

2. Aereogramme-Sleep & Release 

3. Isis-Wavering Radiant  Though my favorite ISIS track at the moment is off a split with the Melvins, called The Pliable Foe

4. Boris-Attention Please 

5. Jane’s Addiction-The Great Escape Artist 

Happy listening (and tell me your favorites)!


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